Fuel marketing success by integrating marketing channels into focused campaigns.


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Publishing a Campaign

You have a great idea for a marketing campaign that will captivate your audience and turn them into delighted customers?

Good job – that’s half of the work done already (if you are not blessed with cutting edge inspiration do not despair, we are here to help). That’s only half the job of course: promoting your campaign through the right channels, and engaging your desired audience at the perfect moment, is yet to come.

Even the best content won’t help you generate leads if no one knows about it!


Finding the Perfect Mix

There are various options on how you can promote your campaigns, and the mix that works best for you depends on both your business sector and your target audience.

Understanding where your target buyers live online, their needs and habits as well as knowing your available options is key to make the right choices on how to balance your marketing activity.

Finding the perfect marketing mix for your campaign across paid, owned, and earned media requires research and testing. Based on these results, you then run the campaign through the right channels.


An all-rounder Team for Your Campaign

As a digital consultancy we are able to integrate your campaign across key marketing channels ensuring distribution is optimised.

  • PPC
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Email
  • Website

We build everything you need to make your campaign performs great – while making sure it conveys a strong, consistent message across all channels. At Storm, we include all channels considered appropriate into a single strategy to ensure we create an engaging, personalised user journey for your buyer personas.

Our marketing team has everything you need to launch a great marketing campaign, from the initial analysis of your buyer personas to the final launch and optimisation of your campaign.