We help businesses harness the power of mobile to transform how their workforces and customers engage with them.


Mobile Apps

Going Mobile: Native, Hybrid and Mobile Web Apps

We design and develop a range of different types of mobile apps, from enterprise apps that enable mobile workforces through to social apps for fun and entertainment as well as fitness apps for health and well-being. We do this for iOS, Android and Windows using native, hybrid and mobile web approaches.

What we do

We help enable enterprises and organisations to mobilise their workforces right through to producing consumer facing apps for established businesses and start ups alike.

What you get

Our agile development approach will help you move from idea to marketplace as quickly as possible, underpinned with our robust project management processes.

Mobile Strategy & Consultancy

Our consultants identify opportunities for transforming business processes through the use of mobile across an organisation and then move to develop an actionable mobile strategy. The strategy is the necessary precursor to determining if mobile apps are required to meet user needs and deliver on business goals.

The mobile strategy will also set out the proposed development approach; whether to go native, hybrid, mobile web or a mix.

UX & Design

As mobile apps have become commonplace, more users have become familiar with mobile interfaces and have expectations about what constitutes a positive user experience.

Our understanding of those expectations, coupled with our understanding of what can be achieved on different platforms, informs the user experience and design approach. Our knowledge of the design guidelines for iOS, Android and Windows is essential if adopting a purely native approach.


For native apps, our team are expert in Objective-C/Swift (iOS), Java (Android) and C# (Windows). Hybrid apps are developed using tried and tested web technologies including HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, wrapped in a native container.

Regardless of approach, we recognise the importance of seamless integration with existing business systems and can work with and build APIs as well as ensure the experience is performant and secure.

Quality Assurance & Launch

Our quality assurance processes ensure that all apps adhere to specifications and requirements. The processes involve using a combination of manual and automated methods, throughout the development process.

We understand what it takes to get your app approved and will take on all the work to get you in the relevant marketplaces.

Continual Improvement

Understanding if your app is delivering the results you need is important. We can deliver insightful in-app usage statistics and findings, which are then used to inform future improvements.

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