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The Challenge

Experian South Africa commissioned Storm ID to conceive, design and build a digital service that would offer small business customers in South Africa the opportunity to buy credit reports on South African businesses and company directors. The rationale was to channel this customer base to self-serving online. 

Experian South Africa already had the internal data systems to support this effort, but lacked the ecommerce platform and capabilities to offer existing and new clients the opportunity to purchase credit reports and business alerts on a one off basis or via monthly subscription.

The Objectives

  • Encourage channel shift

    Enhance customer experience by encouraging customers to a self-serve online.

  • Focus on ease of use

    Ensure the site meets customer expectations in terms of both usability and commercial packages available.

The Insight

Secure integration with Experian’s internal data management systems was a top priority for the project and it would be imperative Storm ID met the strict information and web security standards for a public facing ecommerce site.

The sheer volume of Experian’s database also required our expertise in faceted search solutions.

The ecommerce aspect of the site meant the necessity of implementing a recurring billing system with a South African based payment provider.


We partnered with Storm ID as we wanted a partner with significant experience in developing dynamic, digital solutions.

We are also embarking on a paid search programme with Storm to support the release to drive traffic and revenue through the site over the first six months.

 Keith Wardell, Experian South Africa

The Process


During the first phase of the project, we analysed business needs and objectives and undertook extensive user research in order to conceptualise a site that suited all users.

We also held workshops and interviews with key stakeholders, gaining a high level of understanding of integration requirements. 


With the launch of the Alpha site, stakeholders were able to test both the design and technical approaches, including the integration with Experian’s internal systems.


This stage saw us build a fully working site, integrating key features and services designed to facilitate administration of the site and user functionalities including:

  1.       Commercial packages/pricing for reports
  2.       User registration/authentication system
  3.       My account functionality
  4.       Payments engine integration
  5.       Email alerts service
  6.       Administration suite functions


Before launch, the site went through rigorous security checks to ensure it complied with Experian’s global security and performance standards.

In this final stage, we also established web site monitoring and reporting systems, including a comprehensive Analytics tracking plan to maintain visibility of key performance indicators.

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