John Menzies plc

Leading global aviation and distribution services

The Numbers

weeks to completion
operating countries
delivery units

The Challenge

John Menzies plc, the leading global aviation and distribution giant, approached Storm with a challenge – rebuilding their corporate website to completion in six weeks. 

This was an exciting project to get stuck into – the size of the build and collaboration with John Menzies plc meant that our designers and developers had a huge task ahead of them with the added challenge of a 6 week time frame to complete work in. 

At Storm our work ethic is influenced by the agile methodology, so our designers and developers worked collaboratively and with fluidity to deliver the final product successfully. 

The Objectives

  • A Shop Window

    The website needed to act as a shop window; clearly relaying to shareholders and investors who the company are and what they do.
  • Modern for Mobile

    The website required modernising and optimisation for mobile browsers.
  • Changing Content Format

    We reformatted content previously presented in PDF to improve user accessibility for mobile and vital information for shareholders and investors, financial journalists and analysts.

The Insight

With a challenging time frame to deliver the project, the time available for user testing and the methods used had to be adjusted accordingly. 

With designers and developers working on the website in tandem, and in close collaboration with the team at John Menzies plc, it allowed for rapid prototyping, testing through to technical development and public release.

Key Features

The Investor Centre

Designed to be an at-a-glance review of everything a potential or current investor would need to know about John Menzies plc.

Suite of Widgets

Used contextually throughout the site, these widgets generate performance graphs and charts in a uniform and downloadable format.

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