Excellence from touchdown to takeoff

Portraying a new Global Brand


Weeks to design and deliver
Contacts globally
Interactive map points around the globe

The Challenge

Menzies Aviation approached Storm with a challenge. The group was ready to launch a new brand in to the world, but needed a platform that would do its aviation expertise justice. With the purchase of ASIG just announced too, Menzies aviation offering now needed a dedicated website for the job.

The Objectives

  • News-focused website

    The acquisition announcement from Menzies would be a real driving force for people to visit the new website, so we agreed that news had to be a real central focus in the design.
  • Portray the Global Brand

    It was imperative that Storm capture the global nature of Menzies in the website's design, highlighting the international offices users could contact, and the respective services available.
  • A New Brand for Aviation

    This website should do Menzies Aviation proud; reflecting the custom-made brand created as part of Menzies PLC.

The Insight

With the acquisition of ASIG ready to be announced immediately, Storm had a particularly lean 6-week period in which to deliver the new site.

During the process, our developers and designers recommended the world map of the international offices to include an added functionality – contact cards of employees from each country Menzies Aviation operates in. This would provide site visitors with a way to correctly identify the exact individual they needed to contact, and gave the map an exciting interactivity too.

Key Features

Interactive global map for finding country-specific contact cards

Horizontal faceted search option to identify contacts by country, network location and service

The Process

UX and Design

Using best practices for user-friendly information architecture, our designers and developers built an HTML website prototype. As with our approach to many projects, we began by creating the front-end in code – instead of sketching – to save time and progress to the build as resourcefully as possible.

Compiling Databases

We developed the interactive map, the consolidate map point data list, and contacts list to pull map point data from together. This allows users to click through from the map to specific contact cards, reducing the time required to retrieve useful information.

Launch and Reveal

Having launched the website, Menzies Aviation were able to direct all interested parties to the company's new website; for specific information on sevices available, global contacts and, of course, the latest news.

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