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The Challenge

Museums Galleries Scotland is the National Development Body for the museums sector in Scotland, offering support to more than 400 museums and galleries across the country. This support can come in the form of strategic investment, advice, advocacy, skills development or other means.

Bringing history into the digital age, Museums Galleries Scotland knew that the breadth of their knowledge could be better shared throughout the sector and they were determined to enable and encourage personal development within the industry.

As such, a plan was set in place to reposition the supporting body as a digital service for the museums sector; unifying the information sources under one all-purpose website to provide their service users with easily accessible support and information.

The Objectives

  • Marketing their services

    Provide the Scottish Museum sector with information on training and events, funding opportunities and professional advice
  • Capitalise on the knowledge within MGS

    Develop a resources hub and skills development platform that has the capacity to be internationalised
  • Establish a commercial model

    Introduce an e-commerce service to facilitate the events hosted or supported by Museums Galleries Scotland

The Insight

An extensive discovery piece we conducted revealed that Museums Galleries Scotland had four distinct audience groups who had specific needs and expectations of their website.

In order to meet the complexity of both varying user needs and the huge amount of content of this project, we followed a user-centric approach and combined rapid development with agile project management methodologies.

By incorporating sprints, an iterative approach to the website design and development and conducting user testing throughout, we were able to deliver a website crafted to satisfy both user needs and Museums Galleries Scotland's requirements.

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