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The Challenge

As the leading retail services group in golf, TGI Golf works tirelessly to ensure that partners, PGA Professionals, have everything they need to continue running successful and profitable businesses.

We were entrusted with building a full service digital platform that would cater for the needs of three different stakeholder groups while guaranteeing a great user experience for each of them:

TGI partners

Full and Associate Partners required access to a number of digital services. Storm worked with TGI to develop MyTGI, an area where partners could manage their information and interact with a number of preferential services.

TGI staff

The TGI team needed an area where they could better serve their Partners. Storm developed a bespoke CRM that tracked partners’ data and usage of My TGI. This allowed TGI to better serve their clients and retain one true source of data.

Potential customers

TGI Golf needed a marketing website to attract potential customers, i.e. those seeking to work with TGI and/or become a partner.

The Objectives

Improve UX for partners

We wanted to improve the user experience for TGI Golf partners through ensuring Single-Sign-On accessibility throughout various applications and by applying a consistent look and feel across the entire TGI Golf digital estate.

Administrative Excellence

We designed an intuitive admin suite to empower TGI Golf staff to take control of their data and services.

Boost Marketing Results

TGI Golf's marketing efforts were to be improved through designing an attractive marketing interface for potential customers and enabling smooth tracking of customer journeys.

Ensure No Loss or Service

Given the business critical nature of the platform, it was essential to deliver a successful launch with no downtime for partners or TGI Golf staff.

The Insight

To integrate user needs of three very different audiences and meet challenging technical requirements due to the scope of data, we developed a bespoke digital platform, utilising a mix of handcrafted code and proprietary systems specifically chosen to meet TGI's and their partners' needs.

It work's great and will save us a lot of timeIan Martin, Senior Retail Consultant, TGI Golf

Key Features

E-commerce Plug-in

All e-commerce interactions were managed on Merchello, an online plug-in for Umbraco, to guarantee smooth transactions

SDK application

We built a bespoke application which was used as the foundation for the admin suite and partner database.


The API constituted the heart of our website. It established a connection between Merchello and the SDK and, thus, enabled an overall integration of the platform features.

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