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Assisting citizens with digital services across West Sussex

The Challenge

Become a digital-first county council.

It should be easy for residents, businesses and other users of West Sussex services to get things done - like applying for parking permits, reporting graffiti or arranging waste collection. We were challenged to transform West Sussex’s piecemeal digital services into consistent, intuitive experiences that work from any internet device.

The Objectives

  • Deliver council services digitally

    Enable residents, businesses and other users to access council through digital channels – from computers, tablets and smart phones.
  • Increase customer satisfaction

    Provide better, faster, easier access to information, services and key contact points – resulting in increased user satisfaction.

The Insight

West Sussex County Council has an impact on many aspects of people’s lives.

Being able to easily access council information and resources can make that impact more positive. It enables residents, businesses and other users to get things done — and makes the council more transparent and accountable.

As people see the benefits of digital in other parts of their lives, they expect to access key public services via similar channels.

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