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Storm collaborated with Wood Mackenzie to develop a new publishing system to support authoring, publishing and alerting of 10 different report types by a global team of analysts.

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The Challenge

As part of the business goals of the project, we wanted to:

- Deliver operational efficiencies by consolidating report authoring to one system and realising time savings associated with authoring and publishing reports

- Reduce technical debt by retiring legacy authoring systems

- Align content creation and storage with Wood Mackenzie digital strategy.

The Solution

The project team chose to develop the system using an open-source framework to support the customisation level required by analysts. That choice also allowed for integration with a number of internal systems. The framework was extended to support ten report types and a range of new data formats including visualisations, charting and rich media.

To support syndication of reports to multiple consuming front-end services, a Content Delivery API was developed as a separate application and integrated with an entitlement system to ensure subscribers only had access to reports within their subscription.

Over 10,000 published reports were migrated into the new system over a series of releases. This coincided with a staggered roll out to analysts across the business over a number of weeks.

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