Celtic Connections

Celebrating Celtic music's global cultural connections

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The Challenge

Every year, musicians from around the world descend on Glasgow and bring the city to life for 18 days of concerts, ceilidhs, talks, art exhibitions, workshops, and free events.

As part of our ongoing support of Celtic Connections, their team required a new website that was easier to manage, that had an improved events search function and that could handle peaks of website traffic - specifically at programme launch and during the festival itself.

The Objectives

  • Improved Content Management

    Make it easier for the Celtic Connections team to manage all content relating to the winter festival.
  • Enhanced Events Search

    Deliver a better search and discovery experience, making it easier for Celtic Connections visitors to find relevant information on events of interest.
  • Handle Demand

    Set up a new Microsoft Azure infrastructure to manage high traffic loads at key moments in the run up to the festival.

The Insight

The Celtic Connections winter music festival has taken place every winter since 1994.
Situated in Glasgow, the festival focuses on the roots of traditional Scottish music and has played host to a huge number of concerts, ceilidhs, talks and workshops since its inception.

At the centre of the festival is the Education Programme – an initiative created to encourage children to take an interest in music. The programme allows thousands of children to attend free morning concerts that that can include anything from Burns recitals, to folk or blues.

Almost as important as the Education Programme is the nightly Celtic Connections Festival Club; an unscripted collaboration between musicians who have performed during the daytime concerts. The aim of this is to create a special, one-off, collaborative occasion for both the audience and performers.

Platform logo

Key Features

Umbraco CMS

Implementation of a new open source Umbraco CMS to support content management.

New Creative

Applying a whole new look and feel for the 2020 edition of the event.

New Azure Infrastructure

To manage high traffic loads at programme launch and during the festival.

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