Our services can be procured through a range of public sector framework agreements.

Procuring our services

Government agencies and public and third-sector organisations often rely on frameworks to streamline the procurement process. Participating in these frameworks enhances our visibility and access to these clients. It boosts our opportunities for securing contracts and delivering the specialised, innovative solutions we're good at.

Our customers often prioritise suppliers who have been through thorough vetting processes. They need to ensure they're getting compliance with regulations and guaranteed quality standards and ethical practices. Being part of official procurement frameworks shows we're credible, reliable and trustworthy.

This framework can be used by public sector organisations to share their project requirements. We can then offer our agile development and user-centred design services.

Successfully bidding for projects on this framework means we can deliver tailored services and accelerated innovation to a diverse range of public sector entities including:

  • central government
  • charities
  • education
  • health
  • local authorities
  • blue light services
  • devolved administrations

This framework enables us to deliver cloud hosting, software and support to public sector customers, featuring both off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions.

We can demonstrate our proven track record with cloud computing and compliance with government standards and regulations. Opportunities within the framework include UK central government, local authorities and various public sector organisations.

This marketplace simplifies the procurement and bidding process for emerging technologies including AI and automation. It allows us to provide our digital and data expertise to government and public sector organisations.

Showcasing our services and capabilities within this framework makes us well-positioned to cultivate long-term relationships with public sector clients.

Through this framework, we gain access to digital technology opportunities within the Scottish public sector, enabling us to support Scotland's Digital Strategy. We're successful across multiple 'lots' in this framework, covering:

  • digital technology projects and services (Lot 1)
  • digital technology resources (Lot 2)
  • cyber security services (Lot 4)

Being on this framework lets us pursue opportunities and build relationships with clients across Scottish Government, health and social care bodies, universities and colleges and third-sector organisations.

We're one of five specialist cloud service and hosting providers featured on this national framework.

This allows us to deliver high-quality cloud services to both public sector and third-sector organisations, aligning seamlessly with government standards.

This serves as a platform for public sector organisations to procure digital service contracts. We've earned qualification to this framework due to our digital expertise (Lot 5).

This enables us to advise, lead and support a range of digital transformation programs and project-related assignments within the Scottish public sector.