We're always on the lookout for talented people who want to change the world with technology.

Colleagues sitting round a desk with laptops in front of them discussing work


We believe in rewarding our people for the great work that they do. The longer you work here, the more you benefit.


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We're flexible by default. We know you can work effectively from wherever you are, and fit your work around family commitments.


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Everyone is a work in progress. We nurture our people with paid training alongside wellbeing support.


Three colleagues socialising in a garden, one sports amusing jester headwear and gives a thumbs-up sign
We know life isn't all about work. We want you to get the most out of life, both now and in the future.
How you can benefit from working here

A new career

If you're new to digital and technology, Storm Academy can give you the opportunity to develop, upskill and accelerate your career. You'll be mentored and supported by experienced professionals, within an expanding digital consultancy.

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Away from the desk

From lunches in local Leith eateries (and drinkeries) to away days forming friendships and future thinking. We believe some of the most important work happens off the clock.

Three Storm employees fraternising outside at a social event
Storm employee playing air guitar with a croquet mallet
Leather jacket-clad Storm employee showing a sign of the horns to indicate his enjoyment of the summer day out
Team of Storm employees in full action during a game of tug o' war
Group of Storm employees socialising around a round picnic table in in a castle garden with sporting activities happening in the background
Storm employee with amusing bovine headwear
Two Storm employees standing with their dogs in a castle garden setting
Selfie of Storm employees socialising in a castle garden