Enterprise Large Language Model Sprints

Transform your ways of working.

Understand how to get value out of Large Language Models(LLMs) in your organisation. They can transform processes that take too much time or are inefficient.

Arrange a LLM sprint
Abstract image depicting neural network connections in a diamond shaped structure

Rethink your existing workflows

LLMs can automate many repetitive administrative tasks. Deployed on corporate data, LLMs can search, synthesize, generate, and report on content. We help organisations identify frictions and opportunities within existing business processes. Processes that can be rethought to use LLMs.

What happens in a LLM sprint

We can tailor an Enterprise LLM sprint to your needs, but they usual follow a consistent format. We use sprints to discover key points of inefficiencies or opportunities for LLMs in existing processes or services. We can also take the opportunity to asses your AI readiness as an organisation. Just let us know what you're after.

Day 01

Agreeing sprint goal

We'll have initial discussions to understand your business need and context. Then we'll define objectives together, and identify stakeholders and data sources.

Day 02-04

Building the proof of concept

We'll build a prototype in Microsoft Fabric or Open AI using your data or similar open source data. Using our own Azure environment and tried and tested pipeline, we'll create a rough and ready proof of concept in your context.

Day 05

Running a discovery workshop

This will be a facilitated workshop with around 5 to 7 of your stakeholders and is best done in person. Stakeholders will have a chance to see the proof of concept in action. As a group, we'll develop requirements for a specific use case of the proof of concept service. We'll then deliver a set of recommendations for developing and scaling a data platform.

Is a LLM sprint right for you?

An enterprise sprint can benefit organisations that have:

  • Abundant corporate data
  • High levels of repeatable processes
  • Inefficient workflows

Why us

We know AI. We have a proven track record of delivering AI services quickly and practically. We can help your organisation assess the opportunities that seem locked in your data. Then show you how we can work with you to further develop AI services.

Other consultancies may tell you what to do. We work collaboratively with you to discover the best solutions together.

The technology we use


We use Microsoft Fabric in our data and AI sprints to prototype use cases. It offers a low-code environment to ingest, store, and manage data. Using the advanced analytics and AI services offered by Microsoft such as Open AI. Our secure environment is set up and tested, ready to take advantage of the great things your data can do.


We'll recommend the best technology choices for you going forward based on the sprint. We know how to best use Azure's platform-as-a-service tools. These include Data Factory, Databricks, and Data Lake. These cloud tools can help you achieve your goals with data and AI. They provide a platform to use them within your organisation.

Schedule a LLM sprint

We're running a limited number of free data and AI sprints in 2024. Let us know if you think you could benefit from one.