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Realising the potential in the growth of mobile and tablet traffic

The Challenge

ESPC and Storm ID had previously collaborated on a mobile and tablet website in 2013 to great success. A year later, ESPC was back to refresh and revise the whole of espc.com.

Tracking nearly a million visits each month from eager home buyers and sellers, Storm ID was tasked with developing a strategy that not only met user needs but also anticipated the direction of user needs to come. 

The Objectives

  • Build a truly responsive site

    Design a site that treats all views (mobile, desktop, tablet) as equally important, while still maintaining consistency between them.

  • Keep user needs first

    Evolve the design while staying true to the familiar look and feel of the old site. Incorporate clear navigation and signposting. Improve functionality within the site.

  • Accommodate user interaction across multi-screens

    Keep multi-screening in mind by focusing on the importance of touch interactions and point & click scenarios.

The Insight

Data analysis showed growth in tablet and mobile traffic was fast exceeding that of desktop, and that tablet traffic was the most likely to spend a long time engaging with the site.

Storm ID set out to develop a mobile first responsive solution, using knowledge from the previous build to create a fulfilling and engaging user experience.

In addition, a number of further user experience and design enhancements were included based on the ESPC brand strategy and user feedback.

The new responsive site is now up and running, with the percentage share of mobile traffic up 11.4% so far. Mobile traffic up 11.4%
Biggest improvement seen in tablet traffic - at 3.5% three months after launch.Tablet traffic up 3.5%
Bounce rate dropped 2.7% across the board within 3 months of launch.Bounce rate down 2.7%

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