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The Challenge

Provide an easy-to-use, digitally-enabled test service.

Exova clients needed simple online transactions to get test kits, send in their results data and get reports back — all in one place.

Most of the processing and administration work had been done manually — making it a time-consuming and labour intensive process.

The Objectives

  • Sell test kits

    Drive sales of test kits among clients
  • Cut down processing work

    Automate administration of orders and test data
  • Be more transparent

    Make it easier to share and audit test data

The Insight

The test kit service depended on well-structured data. To efficiently analyse data and report back, the results had to get back to Exova in a way that made sense.

With over 60 different test types sold — each test requiring different data — administrators had to be able to easily build and edit results submission forms.


The Process

Design user flows

Wireframe the main user journeys through the transactional process. Capture technical requirements to support these journeys with Relish. Define a minimum viable product.


Focus on key parts of the site: the kit purchase process and test result submission, using an open source form builder.

Test. Release.

Beta development. Extensive testing across browsers and countries, supporting Exova users in over 50 countries. Launch.

Key Features

Form Builder

We used a kit submission form builder to allow administrators to build and update test kit submission forms. The dynamic data submitted by the forms is saved and made available to administrators and scheme sponsors.

Finite State Machine

We developed the core of the web application as a finite state machine. It transitions a test kit through various states. Each transition takes a participant or administrator action as an input and sends email notifications, exposing conditional admin functions and test data being made available as outputs.

Responsive. Always.

The site is fully responsive using a bespoke Microsoft .Net MVC solution.  We make sure every website we build adapts to the user's screen size, platform and orientation. 

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