Empowering the organisation to evolve their digital estate

Designing digital guidelines to help Standard Life evolve consistently and smoothly.

The numbers

Countries in which users were based
Front-end patterns produced
Overarching digital principles

The Challenge

Times have moved on. Long gone are the days of digital developers and designers having to replicate with pixel perfection a Photoshop visual of a website, or build something by following a rigid set of guidelines in a PDF. Inevitably everything ends up looking and working the same, regardless of the needs of the user or the platform they are using to consume the information.

Standard Life realised this and tasked us with the challenge of building a web based, evolving set of Digital Guidelines. They understood that the digital landscape was constantly changing, and to keep ahead of their competitors they needed a common set of digital principles, alongside a set of reusable tools and components, to inspire their digital teams to continually deliver the services their customers expected.

The Objectives

  • Create digital principles

    We designed a set of digital principles which represent a high-level philosophy behind implementing projects across the Standard Life digital estate. This set of first-base principles will guide and shape the user experience of projects.
  • Design a Global Experience Language (GEL)

    A Global Experience Language (GEL) creates a consistent, but not uniform, design approach that aims to drive consistency and coherence across the portfolio of Standard Life business units, products and services. All of these have different audiences, contexts of use, and - most problematically - internal and external design teams and core technologies making a clear and consistent approach key.
  • Gather case studies

    We compiled a set of case studies to showcase examples of successful implementation of the Digital Principles and associated GEL. These case studies will serve to inspire and empower users, whilst reinforcing the benefits of utilising the digital principles.

The Process

Meet the users

We set up consultations to meet stakeholders and users of the end product. We wanted to establish what problems they faced on a daily basis and what we could do to help resolve them.

Propose the approach

We produced a detailed requirements analysis document, which outlined what we would build to meet the needs of the user and Standard Life's business objectives.

Build, test and launch

An iterative build process was initiated, with Storm ID and Standard Life working in collaboration to produce several releases until the Digital Guidelines were ready to launch.

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