The Open

Driving ticket sales for golf's oldest championship

Tee off

ROI within 6 months of launch
Mobile transactions
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The Challenge

Storm ID has worked with R&A across their digital programme, including a range of digital services designed to support The Open Championship, the flagship event of the R&A.

The Open is one of the most prestigious events in the British sporting calendar and with high demand for tickets and an ever-increasing trend towards digital to fulfil ticket sales, the R&A required a new best-practice online ticketing solution.

The Objectives

  • Improve the mobile user experience

    Create an experience that allows mobile users to buy tickets without hassle.
  • Increase sales opportunities

    Integrate a cross-selling and upselling capability and improve conversion.
  • Ensure the system integrates with current ticketing office practices

    Integrate customer data with the email system already in use.

The Insight

Core to the front end solution was a mobile responsive implementation. This ensures the site is optimised for any device or desktop by flexing to compliment screen sizes and user habits commonly associated with those devices.

A responsive solution would also easily adapt to changing user behaviours and the move towards multi-screening practices, a particular concern for e-commerce solutions as more and more users use handheld devices to make purchases.

The Process

Conduct user research

Hold workshops with the ticketing office to design a streamlined process and fulfilment workflow. Interview stakeholders and users to gain feedback on site requirements. Develop user personas.

Scope out an initial prototype

Use user personas and workshop knowledge to frame prototype. Create wireframes. Design development and production.

Usability testing

Launch core features and functionalities in Beta release. Obtain feedback from stakeholders and users. Test a fully functioning website with a public release candidate. Final pre-launch review followed by sign-off and deployment

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