A day in the life of a content designer

By Hannah Collins

14 February 2022

Interested in being a content designer? Find out what a typical day looks like at Storm for our Lead Content Designer.

Hello, I’m Hannah and I work within the fast-growing user-centred design practice at Storm.

Read on to find out what a day in the life of a content designer is like at Storm. If you’re new to content design, check out our introduction to content design post to learn a little bit more about what a content designer does.

A typical day at Storm…


Checked in on the tree test I set up yesterday. 30 people have completed it so far.

I’m going to leave it running until tomorrow to see if we reach our target of 50 participants.

9.30am to 12.30pm

Focus time to work on my deliverables for a website we’re building. The Alpha project phase has just kicked off so I’m setting up their content development space, creating templates for the different page types and writing some sample pages.

There’s quite a lot to do so I’ll pick this up again tomorrow.

12.30pm to 1.30pm

Time to go outside for a walk and grab some lunch.

Back at my desk in time to read a UX newsletter. Why are dark patterns still a thing?

1.30pm to 2pm

I missed a few messages while I was focusing on my website work earlier, so time to catch up on Slack and emails.

One of the other content designers has asked for a quick consult on a digital service they’re working on. We have a quick chat about microcopy for the service’s form fields.

2pm to 3pm

Virtual meeting time. I’m catching up with the developer and user researcher on an intranet project I’m working on.

We review some client feedback and discuss changes to the design and functionality.

3pm to 3.15pm

Another meeting! This time it’s a stand-up for the website project.

I give an update on my progress with the sample content from this morning.

3.15pm to 3.30pm

Time for a much-needed coffee break. I’ve got a few minutes so my first priority is checking the latest posts in the #officedogs channel on Slack.

Naww. So cute.

3.30pm to 4pm

The developer has sent across some updates for the intranet project (that was fast!)

There’s a few options we could take with one of the content types so I chat with the user researcher about doing some A/B testing.

4pm to 5pm

The client services team messaged me earlier asking for some input on a proposal that’s going out next week. Oops, I forgot to get back to them.

I’ve got a bit of time now so I review the proposal and outline some suggested activities.

5pm to 5.30pm

It’s been a busy day. My concentration is fading so it’s time to do some admin.

I respond to a few messages on Slack (they never end!) and log my project time for today.

A quick check of my schedule for tomorrow then it’s time to log off and start the long commute home from my dining table to the couch. Remote working has its perks.

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