Storm Academy: Meet the apprentices

By Emma Lismore

25 January 2023

Storm Academy offers students in Scotland full-time employment alongside formalised learning to encourage professional and personal development.

Storm Academy hopes to illustrate that a career in digital transformation can be achieved through a variety of avenues and our current Apprentices are fantastic representatives of this initiative.

A day in the life of a Storm Academy apprentice

No two days are the same at our Storm Academy, we caught up with some of our apprentices to find out what a typical day might look like for them. For Catriona, one of our Graduate Apprentices in the Creative team, this means starting her workday settling in, catching up with her e-mails and discussing her daily plan with her mentor before getting started with assignments.

This includes shadowing front-end developers in the Creative team on client projects and developing personal web applications. Catriona completes her day by receiving feedback from her mentor or colleagues.

Our apprentices are assigned a wide variety of tasks and we encourage them to get involved in team meetings and collaboration. At Storm Academy we challenge the norm and promote individuals to ‘think outside the box” to reach their full potential.

"The amount I've learned has been far beyond what I feel I could have learned on my own, or through simply pursuing a degree without the added benefit of hands-on experience."

Why choose Storm Academy?

Choosing an apprenticeship with Storm Academy gives our employees access to hands-on experience alongside a fully funded professional qualification.

Nicole, one of our Graduate Apprentices within the Back-End Development team, describes why she chose the apprenticeship route: "The main benefit for me, of working and studying simultaneously, is how I can relate both types of learning together. For instance, using a different programming language during formal learning, from the one we utilise at work, has helped me consolidate my knowledge by understanding their differences."

Storm Academy is not only committed to the development of our apprentices' professional skills but also, to encourage, grow and nurture their personal development as a valued member of Storm ID.

Pawel, one of our Graduate Apprentices in the Back-End Development team, describes his experience: "The academy's culture of innovation and emphasis on continuous learning allows for a quick grasp of software development, making it a perfect program for personal and professional growth in the field."

This blog post is the first in a three-part series highlighting all that the Storm Academy has to offer.