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Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Driving delivery of enhanced portfolio and reporting tools.

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The ask

Prior to being split into three related departments in 2023, the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) was a significant department in the UK government. It was responsible for business, industrial strategy, science, research and innovation, energy and climate change.

In 2022, we joined the Digital Solutions programme at BEIS as an Agile PowerPlatform Partner. We were brought in to help drive the delivery of enhancements and integrations to their existing portfolio delivery and reporting tools.

What we did

The digital project capabilities of BEIS grew organically over many years with a variety of tools and platforms being developed as needs changed. BEIS managed a significant number of projects and programmes across its mission and priorities, so increasing management consistency was important in supporting its delivery aims.

The Digital Solutions programme at BEIS was a body of work that aimed to integrate end-to-end digital journeys for project stakeholders. It was aiming to create a new baseline service, using a mixture of existing tools, including Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Power BI and BEIS’ own Online Reporting Tools, with new tools as required. The programme was already well underway when we joined, but we wanted to ensure we were challenging assumptions and constructively questioning existing plans and processes.

We worked with BEIS to iterate user requirements based on input from users and experts. We helped with the rapid delivery of live updates to the pre-existing business case management platform. We also released a complex integration between a third-party SaaS system and an internal, legacy reporting platform.

"BEIS is at an important phase of our delivery transformation and Storm ID is a significant and welcome partner in helping us achieve our strategic objectives."

Chart showing interdependencies within the Data transfer project


BEIS was seeking the best delivery tools and processes, and as an Agile PowerPlatform Partner we able to assist in this transformative aim. The partnership also helped us to learn how to better manage large fully deployed teams which are a mix of permanent staff and contractors.

Our partnership is continuing on with the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ), which took over energy policy responsibilities after BEIS was dissolved.

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