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Managed Analytics Service

No matter how well your services appear to be performing, you can never know the full picture without looking at your data

In fact 97% of businesses surveyed indicated that Analytics makes their businesses more successful (survey by

Our analytics and performance services use data to answer key questions about your websites, apps and other digital platforms and provides you with actionable data to inform and prioritise improvements and development.

Google Analytics Consultancy and Training

Google Analytics is the most frequently used website and app tracking tool. It is free for most users, and is simple to access and use. To get the most from it, though, requires extensive knowledge and experience.

Our consultancy and training offerings enable you to lean on our extensive knowledge and experience in this key data analytics tool.

What we do

To gain insights, businesses need access to skilled digital data analysts, to interpret data, and create data stories that explain trends and behaviours, and enable predictions and forecasts.

Storm ID’s Managed Analytics Services aim to solve these core data problems faced by organisations by enabling a well-implemented Google Analytics installation, and providing skilled analysts’ insight.

Managed analytics services

We offer three tiers of a Managed Analytics Service. This means you can let us take the strain of data analysis and creating accurate and actionable data stories and insights.

EU Cookie Law compliance audit

Every website that operates inside the EU must comply cookie legistaion. We can audit cookie use on your site and ensure that you meet the minimum ICO guidelines for the kinds of cookies your site uses.

Google Analytics training

We offer Google Analytics training to help you make the most of the managed services, and the custom reporting we have set up for you and also offer bespoke training to groups and individuals. 

Google Analytics consultancy

As an alternative to the managed services, we also offer bespoke Google Analytics consultancy services. Get in touch and let us know your requirements for a quote.

What you get

Our analytics and performance services encompass a range of activities, including:

Tracking audit

We will audit the existing tracking code to ensure it is accurate and up-to-date, and work with your developers to ensure that any changes can be implemented swiftly.

KPIs and reporting audit

We undertake a KPIs and reporting audit to determine if you are reporting those things that are both actionable and have a direct business benefit.

Custom reporting

We utilise the custom reporting features of Google Analytics to create the focused KPI reporting required that matches your business needs.

Attribution modelling

Attribution modelling helps build a better understanding of the contribution of marketing channels to the organisation even where a customer converts on a later visit.

Customer lifetime value analysis

The Managed Analytics Service will use Google Analytics data to help determine an average, and by common segments, typical customer lifetime value.

Conversion funnel analysis

We analyse the steps that occur immediately prior to a conversion in order to when a user abandons (or continues) their journey to convert.

Customer journey analysis

We are able to analyse and report common customer journeys through your websites or data services.

Engagement scoring

Our enterprise level Managed Analytics Service will provide engagement scoring of common customer segments.

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