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Digital Strategy and Consultancy

Our strategy and consultancy services identify ways to streamline, improve and evolve your digital services. We’ll help you consolidate and optimise your digital channels, increase user satisfaction and drive return.

What we do


We talk to your people and your users, review documentation and audit assets to build a complete picture of your digital estate.


How could digital transform your business? We develop and investigate ideas, exploring how digital services could meet the needs of your users and drive you towards your objectives.


Working closely with your key people, we test and refine our ideas to formulate a practical strategy.


How can you practically implement these ideas? We present specific, actionable recommendations to guide the development and optimisation of digital services that meet your business goals.

What you get

Digital Strategy

A comprehensive document describing and explaining our proposed digital strategy.

Business Case

Clear commercial justification for our recommendations, including full ROI calculations.

Digital Service Review

The results of our audit of your existing digital services. May include comparison with competing services.

Requirements Specification

How to develop your digital channels, including what new assets should do and how they could do it.

Road Map

A breakdown of tasks and timescales to implement our recommendations.

Why Digital?

Whatever the sector you are in, it’s key to how you do business and how you engage with your customers

But how do you know where to start and what to do? And how can you achieve practical results quickly and efficiently?

At Storm ID, we aim to help your organisation get where you want to be fast. And as well as building great digital services at speed, we also help you define them upfront.

Business objectives, service goals…

Identifying your vision, meeting your challenges

Due to digital change many parts of your business are now subject to rising expectations, competitive threats, new channels, and opportunities.

Customers can research and compare options, and take action in a matter of seconds. Their expectations are set by the best the web has to offer. While a new breed of companies – unencumbered by size, legacy systems, or processes – are disrupting every sector to offer customers increased choice, flexibility and greater transparency.

You can compete as long as you set your digital vision and take action, re-orienting your business and operating model to build digital services that offer your users a compelling customer experience.

Through our consulting practice we can help define the why, what and how of your desired end state, and help establish a practical approach for your organisation.

What we do

Our consulting approach

Drawing on the full range of experience across Storm – strategy consulting, UX design, digital technology, content strategy and digital marketing - our consultancy team helps businesses identify the gaps between where they are now and where they need to be.

We define practical approaches to address the gaps in your digital service capabilities. Whether you are a large traditional organisation in a shifting business landscape that recognises the need to transform or a medium sized business seeking to re-design a digital service or move to a new technology platform we’ll work closely with your teams, addressing on the way your business objectives and the needs of your users.

And we understand your need for rapid change and focus on practical approaches that can be implemented fast.

Our services

We don’t believe that one size fits all.

By talking with you upfront, our consulting approach is customised to the particular challenge you have, to address the things you think are important.

Change everything, or one thing. And if we don’t think we can help you, then we say so….


We work with you to assess your business needs and current digital services to determine where you are today and where you need to be in the future.

Digital service audits

Covering the entire customer journey, from search engine to site, to establish the output you’re currently achieving.

Digital strategy and business case consultancy

A vital check to make sure your strategy can deliver your business objectives.

Digital technology reviews

A service check to assist in understanding the digital services layer of your organisation from a technical perspective.

Digital governance reviews

Independent advice to assess how you are approaching this vital area of business change.


Turn assessments into programmes, projects and services that address your digital capability gaps and improve your business performance.

Digital workshops

An objective picture of your digital capabilities with key stakeholders allows you to prioritise your next business steps.

Business objectives workshops

Align your key stakeholders around business goals, priorities and KPIs of your digital services.

Digital roadmaps

Defining the specific vision and actions that are required to close your capability gaps.

Digital service definitions

A practical methodology to define the requirements of a particular digital service in relation to its intended audiences, your business goals and the needs of the users.


We can work with your digital teams to define the digital services that matter most to you, and then can help make them happen.

UX design reviews

Assess how well you are meeting the needs of your customers, and formulate a plan for change.

Digital service prototyping

Taking you to prototype in as short a timeframe as possible. Build, test and learn to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to see if your ideas can become reality.

Content strategy consultancy

Tried and tested approaches to develop your content strategy, delivering against business objectives.

Digital marketing reviews

Assess your digital marketing capabilities and performance. What to do, what channels, what content.

Working with Storm has been incredibly helpful to us. Their engagement approach ensured they had a clear understanding of our business and what to focus on, which enabled them to apply their expertise to work collaboratively to develop strategies that we are now implementing Stuart McLaren Digital Manager
Scottish Qualifications Authority

What makes us different?

We combine real-world consultancy with speed of execution in delivery.

Our real value to your business lies in the fact that we don’t just define your strategy, we also design, develop and deploy effective digital services, and have done for many years.

In a highly competitive FMCG environment, we embarked on a digital transformation journey with Storm’s assistance. It increased our competitive advantage, cemented our leading position, and increased customer satisfaction through ground breaking mobile digital services. David Spiers Director of Catalyst Business Solutions
Formerly CIO of Menzies, and now Gartner


Preparing for Digital Transformation Toolkit

We are continuously working on expanding our range of free resources to help you learn more about digital transformation. Check out some of our free offers here.

Download our toolkit to assess your organisation's strengths and weaknesses in relation to digital.

Preparing for Digital Transformation Toolkit

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Our clients

Over the past few years we’ve helped the following organisations in a variety of different ways through our consultancy services.

Storm ID have been a vital support to us in achieving outstanding growth and improving efficiencies across our digital marketing channel. A very professional team to work with and we feel they are as committed as we are to understanding our business and its future journey. Julie Paterson Marketing Manager
People’s Postcode Lottery

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