A safe home for your websites, online applications and digital services. Get customised hosting, designed around your needs.



Our hosting makes your websites, apps and digital services available to users. We provide hosting for the digital services and experiences we develop — and take care of configuring everything.

All hosting services are backed by comprehensive support.

What we do

Our preferred cloud platforms are Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

We can deliver an appropriate hosting infrastructure for any type of digital experience, while utilising the stability, efficiency and resilience afforded by these platforms.



Cloud hosting scales easily to meet demand – eliminating capacity issues and making it easy to handle traffic spikes.


Our chosen cloud providers make significant, ongoing investments in protecting and securing their platforms.


Cloud hosting provides several layers of redundancy, with spare hosting capacity available instantly across several locations.


Cloud platforms enjoy immense economies of scale, delivering value that’s hard to match with standalone hosting.

What you get

We’ll establish a hosting environment to match the requirements of your digital solution.


We’ll create a hosting package for you – including the technology stack, security, load handling and resilience.


We’ll configure and prepare cloud hosting to provide staging and production environments in line with our recommendations.


Real-time automated monitoring systems allow us to optimise your hosting services based demand and usage.


Enjoy expert support with a single point of contact, all in line with our guaranteed service level agreement.

Available on G-Cloud 11

Part of the G-Cloud Framework

G-Cloud is a UK Government initiative that simplifies the process for public sector organisations to buy and deliver cloud related services.

The Digital Marketplace is a pay-as-you-go platform which offers flexible and scalable services and has been launched to encourage organisations to move to the cloud and reap its benefits.

Our SharePoint Cloud Services and Umbraco Cloud Services are listed on, and comply with all the requirements of, the G-Cloud 12 framework.