We ensure your digital services are designed for the people who are actually going to use them.


User Experience

All too often, real service users are little more than an afterthought to designers.

User experience (UX) design puts the needs of your users at the heart of your digital services. Good UX keeps users engaged, makes it easy for them to get things done — and reduces the chance of them going elsewhere.

UX runs through everything we do. To deliver for your users, we need to get to know who they are.

What we do

User experience research analyses the needs, preferences, behaviours and desires of your users. In short: we have to understand who they are and what they’re looking for.

Our findings drive how we develop and iterate digital services for your organisation.

Business analysis

Before we can identify and understand your users, we must understand your business. That means getting under the skin of your objectives, constraints and existing digital assets.

User research

In-depth research creates a detailed understanding of user behaviour. We may study existing usage patterns, interview users, run workshops and engage with stakeholders in your organisation.

Design validation

As our findings feed into the design and development process, we test mockups, prototypes, sites and apps, often developing clear scenarios that reflect the goals and desires of your users.

What you get

User experience plays a part in virtually every project. Our findings directly inform the design and development process and may result in:

User Personas and Scenarios

That represent key user types and real-world situations.

User Needs and Expectations

Describing what users may be seeking and what they expect from your services.

User Journey Mapping

Mapping out how a user interacts with your organisation - both on and offline.

Heuristic Analysis

Evaluating a website or app against a list of UX principles in order to recommend improvements.

User Testing Results

Which explain how users reacted during testing sessions. These results may include reports, videos and heatmaps.

Accessibility Review

UX designs for everyone, regardless of digital ability. We'll regularly review our work to make your service usable and accessible.