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We optimise for both search engines and humans.

Search engines are picky, but humans are pickier. Search engines may drive traffic to your site, but users need to complete a desired action in order to satisfy your business goals.

Our approach to SEO always accounts for both. We match user intent to your site’s content to provide optimal user experience, while keeping your site in technical SEO compliance to maximise visibility. This will ensure your presence at the moment your customers are in need.

We take a holistic approach to search engine marketing, integrating both essential and complementary disciplines into digital campaigns. This includes paid search (PPC), content marketing, social media, web analytics, technical optimisation, and localisation efforts.

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What You Get

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, we serve a broad range of public and private businesses across the UK, while helping our clients grow their business at home and abroad. Our core Search Engine Optimisation services include:

  • Keyword research and on-page optimisation
  • Technical auditing and consultancy
  • Site migration and search equity retention
  • Mobile-first positioning and app store optimisation
  • KPI reporting and health monitoring
  • SEO training and workshops

Keyword Research & On-Page Optimisation

Understanding how your target audience is searching an essential step, and matching their intent to your content is critical to SEO success. We work with your team to define the keyword strategy around your business to ensure your content is best positioned to serve the needs of your customers.

Learn why SEO and content marketing go hand in hand.

Technical Auditing & Consultancy

The nuts and bolts of your site are instrumental to performance in organic search. We audit and monitor your site’s technical health to identify obstacles hindering optimal visibility. Plus we have the technical capabilities to implement any solution needed, being a full-service agency, or we'll consult directly with your technical team.

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Site Migration & Search Equity Retention

Changing domains or rebuilding your site? You’ve come to the right place. Because we build sites in-house, we have vast experience migrating hundreds of web properties, all while ensuring all of your earned SEO equity is retained and the technical SEO performance of your site is improved.

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Mobile-First & App Store Optimisation

With over half of all searches originating on a mobile device, it's critical for your site to be mobile-friendly and positioned for voice search. Not only do these enhancements improve user experience, adopting a mobile-first approach results in improved SEO performance from search engine algorithmic updates. This includes dedicated services to track and optimise your mobile applications in app stores.

KPI Reporting & Health Monitoring

Tracking your key performance indicators in order to measure the effectiveness of SEO efforts is paramount. For both your site and your competitors, we track keyword positions, monitor SEO health metrics, and analyse external authority signals to provide invaluable insights into performance and uncover content opportunities.

SEO Training & Workshops

In order to ensure SEO outputs are adopted within your organisation, we provide comprehensive training for SEO copywriting best practice and technical SEO implementation. This includes hands-on SEO upskilling sessions and full day workshops to get your team armed with the skills needed to execute SEO effectively.

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To learn more about our SEO packages, get in touch or try out our Free SEO Audit.