Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Analytics


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Analytics

Our artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics are used to identify new value that can be derived from data stores. This new value can be used to support transformation and can be applied across different sectors from healthcare through to ecommerce.

What we do

The Storm ID team has the perfect mix of Data Science technical ability, creative thinking, and business know-how. We help clients identify opportunities from their data and implement new data-driven solutions to benefit both in-house company processes and the products they offer to clients.

From optimising product-stocking and forecasting, AI-driven search engine optimisation,  developing user-tailored products/services recommender systems, to improving on-site messaging to improve customer retention and conversion, we offer bespoke individually tailored solutions to accelerate your enterprise.

In addition to our bespoke machine learning solutions, Storm ID are a Microsoft Partner meaning we can work with you to create solutions using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services.

IOT and Sensor-data analytics

The benefits of having IoT devices for individuals, clinicians and enterprises are many, as they provide a new level of insight and ability to gather data that was previously not possible.

From predictive maintenance of machines in factories (bespoke algorithms using data from sensors which track vibration and temperature), to predictive analytics of smart cities (detecting pollution levels or if there is traffic congestion/a traffic incident from image data, for example), the opportunities are endless.


Your ability to accurately predict the future depends on what you know about the past — a business’s predictive ability hinges on the quality of data.

We work with enterprises at the idea-conception phase to ensure the data being collected is of high enough quality and appropriate for the problem at hand. 

Business Insight / Decision support

Data is the new oil and has rapidly become one of the most valuable assets to a business. Data is everywhere and when used effectively, can transform every aspect of an organisation, provided the right knowledge and tools are used.

What you get

Some examples of what we can deliver for your organisation:

On-site content improvement using advanced text-analytics

  • Key-word extraction and analysis of your client’s reviews
  • Using advanced techniques such as latent Dirichlet allocation for topic modelling of customer feedback
  • Text sentiment analysis of customer feedback and reviews

Data-driven paid media

  • Using machine learning to optimize your advertisement campaigns to maximize customer-conversion
  • Classification, regression, and clustering techniques applied to Google ads traffic data and other sources.
  • Click-through rate prediction

AI-Driven patient insights

  • We have built solutions using machine learning capable of aiding clinicians to identify the most at-risk patients.
  • Our bespoke models are developed using electronic health data, demographics data, and patient-wearable data