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Drive Marketing Efficiency with Marketing Automation

Does your organisation have an increasing flow of marketing data and leads? Is it reaching a point that the ‘manual’ manipulation of data and building personalised campaigns to nurture leads is becoming increasingly difficult?

Marketing automation provides the tools and methodologies to engage your leads on a one-to- one basis with the right content, when they need it, on any device, increasing your chance of turning leads into customers.

Done correctly, marketing automation can deliver a measurable ROI and will:

  • Save you time and increase productivity
  • Help you measure and optimise campaigns
  • Manage the complexity of buyer behaviour and channels
  • Build sales pipeline
  • Deliver faster revenue growth

So, if you are looking to improve conversion rates, deal flow and revenue, marketing automation can help make a difference.


What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to both the tactics used to engage and nurture leads and the underlying software platform.

Data Analytics

The core system for recording your marketing information

Lead Nurturing

Use data, content and automated campaigns to engage and identify your best prospects


Engage users at the right time based on a deep understanding of their online behaviours


Deliver more qualified leads to the sales team


How to Integrate Marketing Automation

Marketing automation requires a data-driven approach.

We help you make sure you have all your baseline metrics before you get started, to be able to demonstrate the positive impact that marketing automation has on the numbers.

Marketing automation only works if you have enough leads in your database and strong inbound lead generation strategies in place that will continually bring new leads into the top of the funnel.

Without lead volume, your marketing automation efforts will stall and fall short. At Storm ID, we are ideally positioned to review your whole inbound marketing process to make sure everything is in place to support an ideal marketing automation flow. With deep understanding of your personas, we also ensure you have the right content available for each stage of the buyer journey.

Finally, we provide assistance in evaluating and testing your end-to- end process to make sure you have all the ingredients for success.