Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service

A transformational transcription service

The Challenge

The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) is responsible for public prosecution in Scotland and plays a major role in the Scottish Criminal Justice System.

Storm ID is working with COPFS on their digital transformation programme which aims to use digital technology to transform, innovate and improve the way the organisation works and delivers services.

A key component of the digital strategy is to leverage AI, Automation and Data Analytics to help automate business processes, deliver operational efficiencies and free up time for staff to focus on more complex and value added activities.

Following a legislative change, COPFS had a requirement to transcribe sensitive video/audio statements to text. However, the effort involved in doing this manually would be a significant overhead.

Storm ID was invited to investigate, recommend and develop a transcription solution to reduce the significant human effort required to transcribe video and audio statements.

The Objectives

  • Speed of development

    Due to a legislative change, COPFS required a solution that could be deployed quickly. It was important therefore that existing COPFS infrastructure could be leveraged. 
  • Security and governance

    The sensitive nature of the files meant that the solution needed to offer secure data storage and user authentication mechanisms. Governance requirements such as audit trail and retention policies were also important considerations. 
  • Easy to use

    The solution should be easy for non-technical staff to use with a straightforward business process, user friendly UI and easy to manage transcription outputs. 

The Insight

COPFS have adopted Microsoft technologies as part of their digital strategy including Microsoft 365 and Azure including access to Azure Cognitive Services (ACS). Our solution combined these technologies with a new easy to adopt workflow to enable COPFS to derive a number of benefits:

Utilise SharePoint as a starting point and end point for the transcription workflow and leverage SharePoint version control, policies, security, authentication and file structures.

Leverage Microsoft video indexer API for speech to text conversion. Benefits of Video Indexer API over other MS Cognitive Services evaluated such as Speech to Text, include transcription of both video and audio and multiple speaker detection.

Utilise Azure Logic Apps and Azure Blog storage for automated workflows to trigger transcription of video/audio files, send for transcription into text and conversion into Microsoft word and placed back within COPFS SharePoint file structure. 

Key Features

Secure Login

Secure login for COPFS staff to a dedicated SharePoint online site within COPFS tenancy.

Logic App

Logic app to copy files to Azure blob storage on COPFS tenancy. Once files are in blob storage, another logic app is triggered to make a call to Azure cognitive service for transcription.

Easy File Upload

Easy method of uploading multiple files and adding any associated meta data.

Automated Transcription Output Generation

The transcription output is generated, converted to Word document and added into another storage library within COPFS SharePoint site.

work colleagues reading transcription on laptop

The Process

Requirements definition

  • Define business processes, permissions model, data classification, retention policies and produce technical architecture

Proof of concept

  • Proof of concept to demonstrate technology using sample videos 


  • Development of MVP solution that can be piloted with COPFS staff
  • Scope included Azure infrastructure set up, SharePoint site for storage of files, logic apps for sending files to Azure Cognitive Services and covert transcription and generate word document, which is stored in SharePoint alongside original audio/video file.

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