Scottish Wildlife Trust

Impact of the project

Increase in utilisation of free Google budget
Click-through from ads to their site
Ad ranking search results

Scottish Wildlife Trust

For over 50 years, the Scottish Wildlife Trust has worked with its members, partners and supporters in pursuit of its vision of healthy, resilient ecosystems across Scotland’s land and seas.

The Trust advances their mission through legislative policy, campaigning work, practical conservation, and innovative partnerships, in addition to managing a network of 120 wildlife reserves across Scotland. They aim to inspire people to take positive action through their education and engagement activities.

Scottish Wildlife Trust engaged Storm to improve visibility and awareness of their brand leading to an increase in memberships through the management and optimisation of their Google Ad Grants programme.

About Google Ad Grants

Google Ad Grants is a programme offering eligible UK charities up to £8,000 per month in free advertising to help them promote their mission. It works just like Google Ads, displaying text-based ads to people in Google search results, but without having to pay for the clicks.

The ads can be used to attract volunteers, drive event attendance, increase donations, or raise awareness.

Improved visibility

Google search results for 'Adopt an animal' shoowing Scottish Wildlife Trust as a promoted result

What we delivered

  • Configured conversion tracking to better understand user behaviour, accurately measure online memberships, and improve overall performance
  • Restructured their existing Google Ads account to improve performance and optimise utilisation of the available Google Ad Grants budget
  • Ensured the Google Ad Grant requirements were met for Scottish Wildlife Trust to maintain positive key performance indicators and prevent account suspension

Thanks to Storm’s effective management of our Google Ad Grant, we saw a significant increase in click-throughs to our website and an uplift in sales of our wildlife adoptions.Pete Haskell, Head of Communications & Engagement, Scottish Wildlife Trust

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