Benefits of holistic search

The combination of paid and organic search leads to improved qualified traffic. Paid and organic data is utilised to improve visibility of extremely competitive or high-cost keywords. This data informs the organic strategic approach to targeting and improves cost efficiency in paid search budgets.

SEO activities such as page optimisation can lead to improved paid search Google Quality Scores. Paid search can be used to test different messaging for SEO content. Holistic search drives first-party data, which improves the effectiveness of display advertising and paid social.

A Google study* revealed the presence of both organic and paid search results:

  • Enhances brand trust by 50%
  • Increases likelihood to convert by 73%
  • and may result in reduction in cost-per-click by 5%–15%
Paid search plus organic search equals holistic search
Paid and organic search results split on Google


  1. * Google non-public proprietary study