To analyse SEO performance, we conducted a comprehensive audit of each university by emulating a search engine crawl, as well as manually evaluating each web property. This allows us to understand what search engines “see” when they look at a website and determine its relevance to search queries, i.e. what users are looking for. To analyse SEO performance, each university was audited and awarded a score based on a 25 point rating. Full scoring details here.

To create a snapshot of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) activity, we have reviewed search tools and emulated searches to determine keywords each university is bidding on and what ads are displayed. This element is designed to give a brief overview of the paid search approach each university is undertaking. However, due to the nature of PPC, this analysis does not incorporate any existing overarching strategy, geographic targeting or time sensitive campaigns.

Search marketing tools logos
Tools utilised in our analysis