Glasgow's Concert Halls

Bringing new audiences to Glasgow's iconic venues

The bass line

Events each year
Iconic venues

The Challenge

Glasgow is famous for its gritty, creative culture.

Full of talented artists and hidden venues, the city's music scene has a lot going on.

It can be hard to navigate — for tourists and locals alike.

Managing three main venues with festivals, concerts, workshops and more, Glasgow Life's music team needed to make it easy for users to explore what the city's most prominent venues have to offer.


The Objectives

  • Showcase new spaces

    Celebrate the work done on Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra's new home.
  • Promote festivals

    Introduce new audiences to an incredible lineup of music festivals. 
  • Get 'em to the gig

    Break down barriers for visitors and drive ticket sales.

The Insight

Built on SharePoint 2013 - in line with Glasgow Life's web estate.
Platform logo

The Process


Develop moodboards to define the site's look and feel with the client team.

Iterative Development

Start building iteratively on SharePoint 2013 — in line with Glasgow Life's web estate.

Events API Integration

Integration with the Glasgow Life events database API to provide pre-filtered events search, event detail pages and related events.

Bespoke Development

Build in bespoke functionality, like embedding video and audio, social feeds and newsletter sign-up.

Key Features

Events Database

The website uses the API from Glasgow Life's events database — made by Storm ID — to display events taking place at each location. It allows users to search and filter by date, programme and venue.

Clear User Journeys

The site supports clear user journeys from the events listing through signposting to Glasgow Life's tickets site.

Sticky double navigation

Users navigate the website with primary and relative secondary navigation bars — both sticky as the user scrolls. The secondary navigation also works as a "scroll to" anchor: clicking a link will scroll the page down to the right section.

Dynamic filters

Client-side technologies used in the events database enable the dynamic generation of filters, to make it easier for users to seamlessly browse events.

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