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Digital channel shift for a print media distributor

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The Challenge

Modernise a telephone-based business.

Although undeniably successful, Menzies Distribution was primarily a telephone-based business. With over 29,500 customers, that made for a lot of phone calls. The company had identified that allowing retailers to manage orders online could increase satisfaction and efficiency.

However, Menzies’ digital platform had limited uptake. Over 85% of interactions were taking place over the telephone. To encourage a shift to digital, we had to create online services that customers would want to use.

The Objectives

  • Drive channel shift

    Encourage Menzies customers to use the company’s digital services, rather than the telephone.
  • Extend competitive lead

    Build on Menzies’ competitive advantage and cement its leading market position.
  • Establish single technology stack

    Consolidate Menzies’ technology into on a single framework with apps on recognised platforms.

The Insight

Other logistics businesses had shown technology could deliver greater efficiency. Yet digital services had made a limited impact in Menzies’ sector.

At the same time, user expectations were increasing, fuelled by wide adoption of mobile devices and apps. It was clear that Menzies’ existing digital platform was not achieving the standards customers expected.

The result? A business ripe for digital transformation.

The i-Menzies upgrade provides retailers with a system which is attentive to their requirements and easy to use.David Cooke. Menzies Distribution

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