Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

Digital Services scoping and technology appraisal

The Challenge

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) is the national fire and rescue service of Scotland and the world's fourth largest fire and rescue service.

SFRS has a clear vision and strategy for the organisation including the commitment to be innovative in the use of technology, data and information and change how the organisation works to meet the changing needs of its stakeholders.

In early 2022 Scottish Fire and Rescue Service engaged with Storm ID to gain independent analysis and recommendations to how SFRS can best develop its website and intranet in support of its strategic objectives.

The Objectives

  • Identity improvements

    Review the current web and intranet sites in relation to content, structure, design, and navigation, identifying areas for improvement
  • Strategy

    Engage with key stakeholders within SFRS to understand and assess how both channels can better support strategic outcomes and the benefits case
  • Functionality

    Identify how SFRS would need to develop the functionality of its channels to best achieve its strategic objectives, including the potential use of AI
  • Development

    Identify platforms and software in the market that would best support SFRS specific channel development

The Insight

Storm ID engaged with SFRS staff across a time limited 12-week project and the consultation reached in the region of 165 staff between workshops and surveys.

We identified user needs, business needs and identified key opportunities for enhancing usability, accessibility and recommended functionality across both platforms to support the SFRS wider digital vision.

Based on the user and business needs, we undertook a market research and evaluation exercise to identify and compare suitable technology platforms for SFRS to consider, including assessing best practise in comparable organisations and latest market trends.

We also identified automation opportunities using AI to enable SFRS to drive further efficiencies from its user interactions. 

Key outputs included:

  • A clear vision for SFRS’s Digital approach for external and internal audiences, based on user and business needs.
  • Identified digital solutions to achieve the above and appraised options, providing ball-park costs and the development timeframes involved

The process

Stakeholder engagement

Requirements elicitation with staff including analytics data analysis

Technical analysis

Technical discovery to understand existing technology landscape, constraints and opportunities

Technology assessment

Market research and options appraisal of suitable technology platforms

Report and presentation

Key findings were compiled into a report and a presentation provided to the SFRS senior leadership team

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