Delivering for Menzies Distribution

The Challenge

Traditionally one of the UK’s major logistics suppliers, Menzies Distribution had a goal to be the number one parcel distributor in the Scottish market. As a result, they added to their scope of distribution services and now provide final mile delivery for 110 million delivery units each year.

They needed to educate their target audiences on the range of services and direct them to the relevant Menzies services.

Menzies Distribution approached Storm ID with the challenge of building a website that communicated their reach and service quality within the Scottish distribution industry.

The Objectives

  • Focus on the user

    The website needed to be, first and foremost, user-friendly and intuitive. This included special considerations for visual appeal and target user engagement. Additionally, the site needed to be responsive and optimised for all viewing platforms.
  • A Navigable IA

    Clear user journeys and an easily navigable information framework were necessary to ensure the website was functioning optimally for the core users of the site.
  • Build for the future

    We needed to build the framework with maintenance and future development in mind to allow for continued expansion and evolvement.

The Process


To ensure we approached the website’s build and design with a user-centric focus, we conducted a user experience workshop. Initially, we considered the website’s user groups. These primary audiences were identified as private investors, business customers, non-account customers and the general public. From this knowledge, we were able to create calls-to-action within the website and build content around the specific information each user group would likely be most interested in.


Our UX team tackled the challenge of making the website easily adaptable to future expansion by creating an information architecture which provided enough flexibility within the framework to expand alongside the company’s growth. They designed reusable templates that could be adapted and developed to allow the site to expand and evolve as needed.


To build the website for future changes, it would need to be both granular and adaptable. We knew that the site would have to rely heavily on content to provide robust signposting throughout. This insight, plus the 'ease of use' requirement and the knowledge that it would need to expand quickly and easily in future, led us to choose to develop the website in Umbraco.

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