Scottish Government - Saltire Intranet

Enabling staff to complete everyday tasks more efficiently

The Challenge

Build an intranet that helped Scottish Government staff get things done, connect and collaborate.

The Scottish Government needed a modern intranet - one that was easy to use and met user needs. The system had to make it simple to find thousands of documents and policies, while providing quick access to everyday tasks like checking the lunch menu.

The Objectives

  • Make it easy to find and understand content

    With the new SharePoint based intranet, staff will have more opportunities to collaborate amongst internal project teams and with stakeholders.
  • Create a hub for knowledge sharing and collaboration

    Give staff the power to chat, connect and share information easily to build a more collaborative culture across the civil service.
  • Build a user-friendly publishing platform

    Make it simple for publishers to add, update and delete content and media on a regular review cycle, keeping the intranet up to date and relevant.

The intranet in numbers

Active users
Connected systems
Phased releases

The Insight

The intranet had to put user needs before the competing demands of diverse stakeholder groups. If not, it would meet the same fate as the old system: ignored until absolutely necessary.

To get users' buy-in, we had to launch quickly, test and iterate. A public beta running alongside the old system would give users the chance to familiarise themselves with the new intranet, even in its early stages.


Key Features

Bespoke Admin Templates

Crafted templates accessed via SharePoint to allow admins users to seamlessly curate content.

Homepage Dashboard

A responsive, evolving dashboard with widgets for key services. Users can also move the widgets about to suit their day-to-day activities!

Responsive Content Types

Several bespoke content types that are optimised for multiple device sizes.

Global Search

Aggregation of people and content to allow users to find what they need with ease.

The Process

User research

In-depth user research, including stakeholder workshops, and 1-on-1 interviews with staff at their desks.

Content design

Redesign of the information architecture, based on user research. Deleting thousands of pages of out-of-date content. Development of standardised content types and copy writing to these designs.

Public beta

We scoped a minimum viable product that launched as a public beta in February 2016. The second phase of functionality and content, including collaboration spaces launched in October 2016.

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